Monday, April 27, 2009

GMA week Nashville wrap up

I want to thank everyone who came by our Prayer Suite during Gospel Music Assn week in Nashville. We videotaped wonderfully personal stories of faith from the women and had men contribute stories about women in their lives. We also prayed for the artists and their ministries. Over the next few months, we'll begin editing and posting the video stories on our site and youtube channels. I believe these testimonies of God's faithfulness will help transform lives around the world.  
(Krissy Nordhoff, Mrs. Nordhoff & Larissa Lam inside the Beautiful Faith Suite)
A shout out to the artists who shared their stories: Gina Tarajano, Stephanie Newton, Jupiter Wind, Virginia Hill, Joy Lippard, Devyn, Jade
 Harrell, Deborah from Germany, Melinda Watts, Ginny Owens, Laura Story, Frances Drost, Carried Away, Bread of Stone, Tammy Trent, Ayiesha Woods, Nate Huss, The Sonflowerz, Perry LaHaie, SonicFlood and Krissy Nordhoff.
(Anita, Tammy Trent, Larissa Lam & Virginia Hill)
Special Thanks to One Truth (aka Jahmal Holland), Only Won (aka Baldwin Chiu), Jackie Monaghan, Eric Nordhoff and Aynsley McClean for helping make the prayer suite possible.

We look forward to bringing the Beautiful Faith movement to more cities and seeing it spread on the internet.

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Darla said...

I can't wait to see some of the wonderful 'stuff' you guys are gonna have for us. I will direct some traffic your way if I can too.