Friday, November 21, 2008

Beautiful Faith interview on JCTV

Watch a brand new interview with Beautiful Faith artists, Larissa Lam, Melissa Disney, Hannah Ford and Kathleen Carnali on JCTV's popular talk show, Top 3.
Begins airing Monday, November 24th with repeat airings during the week. For full schedule, cable providers in your area or to watch online, please visit 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Enhanced CD of Beautiful Faith in stores Oct 14th

The retail store Enhanced CD version of Beautiful Faith is in stores now. When you insert the CD into your computer, you will have access to 10 extra song downloads for free and companion devotionals to the songs written by the artists.

You can also purchase online through one of these stores:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What is Beautiful Faith?

Beautiful Faith is the title of a new music CD compilation of 13 inspiring Christian women's voices and songs in stores October 14th, 2008. Beautiful Faith is more than just the music but a movement to encourage women to share their beautiful faith with others around the world. God can turn experiences that seem ugly into something beautiful.

There are three aspects we hope will touch and change lives:
1) Beautiful Faith: The Music - We hope the songs from this CD can provide comfort, encouragement, healing and uplifting to others.

2) Beautiful Faith: The Stories - The women of Beautiful Faith have diverse experiences, passions and stories. All are evidence of God's ability to turn something that seems ugly, painful or insignificant into something "beautiful." We hope their stories of overcoming life-threatening illnesses, dealing with heartbreak, feeling at a crossroads with career choices and wrestling with physical imperfections can give comfort to others who encounter these trials. Along with the trials are the stories of triumph that will give hope to those who may feel discouraged and frustrated by life's circumstances.

3) Beautiful Faith: The Movement - The ultimate hope is that every person shares their own "Beautiful Faith" with others around the world  which will bring glory to God. A practical way we want to encourage people to live out their "Beautiful Faith" is by getting involved with ministries and charitable organizations that help others discover faith. Rather than limit ourselves to only one charity, we want to endorse a list of worthy causes that are of importance to the artists of Beautiful Faith. We hope there will be an exchange of stories by women from around the world of how they have put their "beautiful faith" into action.

Stay tuned as we hope this movement begins to grow and blossom.

Larissa Lam
Executive Producer of Beautiful Faith